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doeshetakesugar's Journal

Does He Take Sugar?
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This is a community that I feel is needed being a young woman with cerebral palsy added to a heady mix of reactive depression and childhood trauma. Having been a LiveJournal user for approximately three months and during this time joined some of the communities, I noticed that there wasn't one that fully meets my needs. Then I thought about the bigger picture and realised that I cannot be the only person on this planet of ours with a myriad of difficulties.

Do you feel that there is a need to prove yourself all the time?

Do you have to be the first to speak to help others overcome their fear of disability?

Have you suffered abuse at the hands of family?

Is it important to you to change attitudes and do you think you can?

Have you had or do you have problems with self esteem?

Often as disabled people we are seen as disabled first and people second. Why is that?

Why does society presume that all we are capable of on the education and employment front is office-based work (no offence to anyone does that)? Why can we not be given the chance to develop all the aspects of who we are as individuals?

I would love this community to be a safe place to debate real issues. Nothing is trivial. It is all relative. I don’t want this to be just for disabled people. The able-bodied are welcome too.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Ghandi.

PS This is your community. If there are any interests that you wish to add, please post to say so.